Dora, a cocktail dress of christine Couture


Endevia’s online magazine dedicated to fashion has just entered the scene. It starts by analysing the brand Christine Couture.

Wedding  and Cocktail dresses

Christine Couture launches several lines of clothing every year. They are part of two ready-to-wear collections :

Wedding dresses

Cocktail and ceremony dresses

The present article will focus on a specific dress of the “cocktail and ceremony 2011″ collection.


Dora : a woman, a dress

Dora is a many-faceted muslin cocktail dress. The fabric used in this dress is light and solid, as expected from this type of glamorous clothes.

At first glance,we cannot help being seduced by the elegance of Dora. It simply glorifies every woman who has the opportunity to wear it.


 A dress as complex as a woman

Like a woman, Dora is full of exquisite contradictions.

Tight and loose : The chest of the dress  is a bit tight while the lower part allows woman to walk freely.

Complex ans Simple : Technically, the upper part of the dress is more detailed.

Shy and Extroverted : The colors of the dress changes the way we perceive it. The red Dora draws everybody attention. Women are jealous whereas men are in awe. In contrast, the pinkish Dora communes with its surroundings and does not try to impose itself.

All these seemingly contradictions make Dora an interesting choice as it matches women’s psyche perfectly.


Christine Couture is online

You can find Christine Couture on the web :

Website :


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